Luggagedesigners offers the highest quality luggage and travel goods available worldwide at the lowest prices available! 

Love your luggage

Luggagedesigners wants you to love your luggage. We want to work with you so your luggage is unique and customizable for your personal travel needs. Our goal is for you to have an easily identifiable piece of luggage that you have fun with and helps ease any travel frustration. 

Luggagedesigners wants to make sure that the bag you choose and the design are exactly what you are looking for. 

You may purchase any one of our products without a design just simply head to checkout. We will always offer the lowest manufacturers price for all of our products. We won't be Beat!

About Our Unique Photo Process

Luggagedesigners has a patent pending process and machinery that allows us to take your photo and print it out on a special heat transfer polymer. This allows for the retention of the colors of your photo so it will look like your picture and not a silk screen done in four colors of paint. Through our patent pending machinery we  thermally bond the picture into the material of your soft sided luggage. This will permanently apply your picture into the fiber of your luggage. We then will apply a protectant coating over your design so it can stand up to the rigors of travel.

Once affixed your picture becomes a permanent part of your luggage forever.

Corporate Orders

We can design almost any item for you or your business.

For large or corporate orders please call  Toll Free 844-218-2089 or email your request to

Military Discount

Luggagedesigners has always supported the military and their families. We currently have our family members serving our country and have previously served. Luggagedesigners offers any military family a 15% discount on anything site wide, plus free shipping on orders in the contiguous United States. Military families can call our office at 814-790-4089 and ask for the military discount code to save 15% at checkout. God Bless the United States of America and those who serve all of us now and in the past.