Luggagedesigners offers the highest quality luggage and travel goods available worldwide at the lowest prices available! 

While traveling several years ago, my carry-on luggage was accidentally taken off of the airplane by another traveler. Incidentally, I wound up with his bag as they both looked a great deal alike. After realizing the mistake and boarding the flight to my vacation destination, I found myself in the position of having to buy myself a new wardrobe to last the remainder of my trip.  This made my trip extremely inconvenient and added to my cost, buying new clothing and personal items.  This gave me the idea to create fun, custom quality, one of a kind luggage that was easily identifiable and unique to its owner.  I hope you will enjoy your luggage as much as we at Luggagedesigners enjoy creating it for you.
So when you purchase a bag or set of luggage from us, you will have the option to have a custom piece of luggage that is unique to you.  Your photo or design can be permanently affixed to the front of your bag making it recognizable to you.  

No longer will you need to tie pom poms, ribbons, string, or place tape around your bag to identify it.  Your bag will be unique to you and easily identifiable.  This makes for a less stressful travel experience.  Also, you can feel safe in knowing that someone cannot just grab your bag and claim it for their own.

TSA people love our concept because it keeps the process of checking people in by easy identification of similar luggage when there is a customized bag that is recognizable in the hustle of the TSA line.

 Many of our products have video demonstrations and we offer a no hassle 30 day return policy (excludes customized products to include monogramming and embossment).