Zero Halliburton Pursuit Aluminum Medium Attaché Case


SKU: 94213-01

Forged from the same durably sophisticated brushed aluminum and design references as our Pursuit Aluminum Travel Cases, the Pursuit Attaché Case makes a striking impression in every environment. With such exceptional attributes as a bespoke, ergonomic handle designed to complement the case color, a combination lock for security, and a sleek, coated leather interior, this elevated attaché is a step above any briefcase. Enduring as a classic automobile, the ZH Pursuit Aluminum Medium Attaché Case commands attention with strength, subtlety, and style.

  • Brushed aluminum
  • ZH Concave Edging™
  • Concave horizontal double rib design and subtle branding
  • Available in two colors: Black and Silver. Each shade has complementary colored accents:
    • Black brushed aluminum with polished black handle
    • Silver brushed aluminum with brilliant ZH blue handle
  • Combination lock for added security
  • Coated leather lining with organization sleeve. Minimal design to enable customizable versatility
Weight: 5.6lbs / 2.5kg
Depth: 3.5in / 8.9cm
Capacity: 12.5l
Width: 18in / 45.7cm
Height: 13in / 33.0cm
Internal Dimensions (W-D-H): 17.1 x 2.8 x 12.2in / 43.4 x 7.1 x 31.0cm