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Smooth Trip International Converter / Adapter w/ USB Charger

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This all-in-one Smooth Trip International Converter / Adapter w/ USB Charger set fits electrical outlets in most countries (exceptions are South Africa and some remote locations). Compact international adapter plugs and a built-in converter changes 220V foreign electricity to 110/120 volts for 2 and 3-pronged U.S. appliances. Includes a 1A USB power port with LED and AC indicator lights to keep cell phones charged and ready. Built-in surge protector keeps electrical appliances safe from spikes in foreign electricity. Easy to follow instructions included, not recommended for high end appliances over 1875 watts or electronics exceeding 50 watts (check appliance power specifications).
  • converts foreign electricity to U.S. 110V
  • adapts 2 and 3-pronged U.S. appliances
  • surge protection feature
  • compact and easy to use - tucks into luggage and carry-ons
  • 1A USB port charges phones, iPods and fuse protected cameras
  • AC and USB power indicator lights
  • includes 4 adapters for use in nearly all international countries
Product dimensions: 2" x 3" x 3"