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Lewis N Clark Adapter Plug America's in Black


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The Lewis N Clark Adapter Plug for the America's is a lightweight and durable device designed to allow an appliance to fit into an outlet with a different plug configuration. You can pack this compact adapter in your luggage, purse, or even your pocket so it’s easily accessible when you need it. It’s perfect for charging your phone, camera, tablet, or even laptop. It’ll also fit easily and snugly into foreign outlets so you won’t have to struggle with it. Make it easy to bring your electronics overseas with this adapter. You won’t have to constantly wonder how much time you have left until your phone or camera dies!

  • Compatible with most outlets in North, Central and South America; Japan; and the Caribbean
  • Accepts flat or round two-pin plugs
Note: Adapter plugs do not convert electricity.
Note: Some countries use more than one outlet configuration. Check with your travel agent, consulate, or hotel for the most accurate information about your destination's electricity and outlet configuration.